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>"WwwwooooowwwW!!! Now that’s a bullet!"


I won’t lie, the new generation of the Wayne’s family is definitely pushing the envelope like the last generation. This clip, a spoof on a Carl’s Jr. commercial awhile back, shows off the newest burger from “Balls Jr.” called The Messy Meat Meaty Burger.


>"If no one notices her and her talent…then we *^%@"


I deadassington (I’m from BK but I’ve been saying “ignton” B4 the Harlem heads.) love this chick right here. She got a beautiful ass voice.

Her name is Mai Lee coming straight out the Midwest, St. Louis to be exact.

She got some good joints out and…I…..fucks with it. lol She’s gonna be something serious and if no one notices her and her talent…then we fucked. There won’t be anybody able to do some fresh, new, original and creative things out here without having to be the industry standard. Whatever that is at the time.

She got some fire song, a sick voice and we haven’t heard a singer from the Midwest in a minute.

I won’t get all detail about her and all like I’m some type of magazine or something. Check out her music and read her bio and stuff to get to know her better.

Mai Lee’s Myspace Page:

“Stay High & Stay Fly”

>"Ayo, Wonder! Where you been boy?"

>I’ve been on a quick haitus, thinking bout things a soaking up music. I got some ideas from mixtapes and albums so please bear with me ladies & gentlemen. I making sure something will be out by the end of the year. I’m in the process of getting some singles out there. New Music coming soon. Due to a little problem which might happen to my page I’ll tell you my myspace page but I won’t say how long I might have it up.Right now I’m working on my 1st mixtape which will be called “Better with time” which will be some freestyles a songs off the street album which is untitled right now.

So you know what to do, just tune in….

Music page on Myspace:

>From Then To Now. The Re-Cap

>Disclaimer: I write better in school or in places and times of importance. P.S. This is gonna be a long ass blog so get some milk & cookies or whatever…maybe a snicker perhaps? Ha,ha

Hi people! So this is my 1st blog (besides myspace, shameless plugin? Yeah I know.) I know you may or may not know me so I’m guessing it’s best I tell you about me. You know, before you jump into this without knowing what’s going on. So before we continue with all the other blogs, so on and so forth, let me tell you some things. The things you know, the things you may not know and the things you don’t know.

“Nah that’s not my name. My name is E Wonder.”

Okay I’m not gonna go in and tell you my name….my real name anyway but I will tell you this. I got my name in a raffle…sike, just playin with y’all. I got this name, E Wonder, by being an idiot, a smartass, a freak, an influence and just wondering about things. My whole I went by many names (get into that some other time) but one name I always answer by is E. So by adding 2 and 2 you now see 4 what reason I have this name. I do go by other alias base off this name. Ein Wonderful & Wonder.

“Now Let’s Get Down To Business”

I am part of a rap group/gang called “Dead Bodyz” A.K.A. D.B. for short with was created by cousin, R.A.P. who owns his own label. Maja Records. The group was formed in the early 2000’s but I joined in around 03-04 as a DJ, since I was at the time. After a while I noticed no songs were being made for me to play, sign of things to come. Soon after I started wondering what will happen to the group but we started getting a couple of things done. Unfornately, I had to go back down south (Elizabeth Town, NC what up!) and the group continued to do thier thing but started to suffer in my hiatus.”Back to the E-Town”While hanging down south I got a chance to rap around the hood, getting back to my old ghostwriter but this time for myself, I got the feeling of gettin into Rap like my group. Eagerly hype I wrote songs and I mean songs!!! I now had more of an urge to go come back to NYC (Up top or the 5 as they call it) and do it big and make move towards getting a record deal.

“We going do this right, y’all down right?”

Coming off the greyhound and kissing the dirty ass, spit ridden, gum jammed floor, I knew I was home. Happy to see the city I love and ready to make some moves, I go back to BK and see what’s up. I won’t lie, things were the same….but different. The group was still doing it’s things but the flare was fading and I felt as like we need to make some plans and get back in the groove. After days and days, weeks to months of planning, I was getting shot down by the R.A.P., who at the time I knew would set the mood for the whole group since he was the leader and the reason majority of the group rapped. I soon become….*sigh* about the whole rapping thing but continued to write songs. By the way, I lost 22 of 25 songs within the tend of me 1st rapping to coming back to NYC to feeling out of loop of rapping. It soon became a habit for me.

“DEADASSIGNTON!!! I DONE WAITING FOR Y’ALL!!! I’m doing my own shit, follow me or not. It’s fine with me.”

So now fast foward to now (more like last year), I got out of that “what’s the point” feeling after seing all my plans that were once thrown to the side were the same plans that has gotten some artists signed. With it being clear to me that I was on the something and no one wanted to ride with it I though this, saying my father told me.”You can be the smartest kid in th whole school but if you never show out, be known and speak up…you’ll just be some smart kid in the class that passes.”

Now regardless that fact that if I was the smartest kid I wouldn’t have to say nothing because teacher would put me out there to be known, I got it. So I though, if I do my thing then I will be noticed. Which got me to another thing he said which I noticed 1st hand.

“If Micheal Jordan wasn’t THE hottest thing known around the world do you think people would buy millions just to see him drink their drink, eat their food, wear their clothes or even say their name? NO, they would care less, he would just be some dude name Micheal Jordan. Because of his hard work he earn a status. Status is want everyone loves. It make you marketable and that’s why they pay top dollar”

So if I do my thing and get noticed more and more people will like what I do which will give me a status and that status will get my team to get on thier game, just like me. HA-HA!

“A Year Later……”

NOW, not now but RIGHT NOW!!! I’m making music despite my group not doing anything. I’ve watched enough nobodies became somebody to realize that anything is possible and the more you wait and watch…the more you become unable to be what you want. I have spent a year wondering if this is what I wanna do. I guess you now know what I picked huh? LOL I’m doing this and I’m not stopping until……time stop maybe? Yeah that sounds good.

“The Future”

I can’t tell you hat but you will find out. These blogs will be prove of my process and my struggle to make it to the top and beyond. Thank you for reading this.So watch a dude do this and…stay tuned………………….

“Stay High & Stay Fly”

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