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>It’s in the works of a MynameiswonderTV, of course on YouTube. I’ve been told that I should record the complete dumbness that goes on in my life and I think I will. You know how video blogs go. Same crap….just videorized (not a word)

Hope it will happen, prepare to laugh hard when it does.


>Brooklyn gets a Unique sound with the new joint ‘Beat Of My Drum"


“IS BROOKLYN IN THE HOUSE!?” Without a doubt. There’s a kid on the roster Def Jam don’t talk about, his name is Unique. Like always I don’t go into details put I have to say… I’m doing a remix to his new song entitled Beat Of My Drum.

Check him out on



See the preformance video singing the song from various places.

You can also download the new joint here.…

“Stay High & Stay Fly”

>Jay-Z New Joint "Run This Town"


Jay-Z got another new joint called ‘Run This Town’ with Rihanna & Mr. West if you didn’t hear it you can download the clean version. (Vuze Required)


>Staight West Coastin’


Okay, so I went out and got me Chuck Taylors (Black on Black of course) and I’m loving them. They’re sssooo comfortable on the boy foot. I understand how these Cali heads be rocking them so hard, I need to go out there soon. I truely advise all y’all reading the get a pair and see what I mean.

>"Have I been away for way too long?"

>….”Did I blow your mind while I was gone?” lol R.I.P. MJ, you will be missed.

Okay so I’m back, still making music lol. I’ve been working on some new things. It’s gonna be a good look when shit starts to fall into place but in the meantime between time….Stay tuned in.

>The Wackest Rapper Show

>Throughout time we face a shameful character in the music industry. This being one of them.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is The Wackest Rapper show.

Base on ideas and what most people think of a wack MC, or rapper if you will, and how it’s hurting music today I created a story about it. A spoof of how we see certain rappers as they try to make it in the industry with every gimmick known to man.

>Diddy makes a new band, His!

>I knew this was gonna happen. I was chilling at home watching Run’s House, one of the only reasons I still watch MTV and a commercial comes on. It shows clips of Diddy singing and dancing talking about a new show called “Making His Band”. It will have something to do with his next album, Last Train To Paris, coming out at some point.

Like I said before, I knew this was gonna happen. I knew at some point Diddy was gonna be like “fudge brownie this! I’m gonna be my own band!!! I’M BADBOY PEOPLE!!!” It was only a matter of time he would do it towards his own music. I mean he had a show for when was gonna run a marathon around Central Park in NYC, if you seen that you know what I mean. Hopefully everything will go well and he won’t dismember his own band like prior groups….I miss Da Band.

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