>Diddy makes a new band, His!

>I knew this was gonna happen. I was chilling at home watching Run’s House, one of the only reasons I still watch MTV and a commercial comes on. It shows clips of Diddy singing and dancing talking about a new show called “Making His Band”. It will have something to do with his next album, Last Train To Paris, coming out at some point.

Like I said before, I knew this was gonna happen. I knew at some point Diddy was gonna be like “fudge brownie this! I’m gonna be my own band!!! I’M BADBOY PEOPLE!!!” It was only a matter of time he would do it towards his own music. I mean he had a show for when was gonna run a marathon around Central Park in NYC, if you seen that you know what I mean. Hopefully everything will go well and he won’t dismember his own band like prior groups….I miss Da Band.


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