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>"You gotta stay consistent."

>Now if you ever collected things, have a rep or even a job (Legal and/or illegal) you know you gotta be consistent.

I had a talk with my older brother, who is a influence to my and my songs; and he hit me up on consistency and why it’s so important with anything anyone does. With that being all said and done. Please believe I will be more consistent with the music amongst other things in life.

Music on the way.

“Stay High. Stay Fly.”


>Update! New music on the way.

>Okay so I been on hiatus for a minute but I’m back now. Now new music for download yet. Since I got the go ahead for the album I’ve been more focus on that, searching’ for beats, collabs and all but I know there won’t be many and likely to be people I’m close to. The mixtape is still in works but every song I put out on the blog will not be on the mixtape….maybe. (Laugh)Depending on the response and clearances etc, we’ll see what happens on that one.

So some of y’all wondered what’s good with the song with All City & I and why it’s not posted up yet. Real simple, it didn’t get recorded yet. I lay my verse down in the studio but City never came through on his. You know how that boy rock, to busy to be busy. It will be down sometime by the end of the week. I won’t promise (Laugh)

So other than that I’ve been away but not out, making new music and will be sent to the masses soon so….tune in.

“Stay High. Stay Fly”

>Drake invites friend to some his peeking duck

>Shout out to the Pause Police (who blocked me twitter) for this crazy pause worthy pic of everybody’s favorite Canadian. No not Tom Greene, Drake.

Now before anyone thinks I’m a hater or dislike or something, let it be known. I was a fan of his since day one. “All the way from…” lol (stupid ass lightskin)

I don’t know what happened so we’ll leave this on some real ARMY status.

“Don’t ask, Don’t tell.”

Check out the pause police on

>Another bad case of Party & Bullshit. R.I.P. Donovan "Donny" Glen I’m gonna miss you kid.

>I meant to post this a awhile back with my update on the album but I couldn’t at the time. A friend of mine name Donny was shot in the head and killed @ a party last weekend over who knows what. I was told it was over a long time problem between him and the shooter and some say it was just some party crashers that got a little too crazy. It’s crazy that that happened because he’s B-Day was right around the corner, on the 19Th of this month. He leaves behind an 18 month old daughter. Another one of my friends was also shot too but survived, thanks goodness.

Once again, another one of my people that couldn’t see there next birthday or even the summer for that matter.

>Jay-Z’s ‘When The Money Goes’ gets done over Loso’ Way


Big shout to Fabolous’s album Loso’s Way. Joint was nicer than I thought, evnethough he been came out with a Loso’s Way once before entitled ‘Loso’s Way: Rise To power based off the the movie ‘Carlito’s Way: Rise To Power which came out during the time of the mixtape. Just so you know.

The Brooklyn rapper has came out with a variety of videos of the album which makes me think this his truely his baby. He definitely done step his game up and shown a somewaht new side to him and his music. Feel like a new Fab to me and Obama said change is coming….and it’s good. One of the videos which premired some time this is the song ‘When The Money Goes’ which is a remix of Jay-Z song
Check out Fabolous version & Jay-Z’s version.

Shout to also. They did a good fast review on the album.

>"Thank you City, it’s about time!!!"

>So you may or may not know but I do have people under my wing. One of which is my boy All City, a friend I knew for a hot minute that also raps along side as of late. Lately he has been on a…..lyrical hiatus? Yeah I’ll use that one lol. So he has been on a lyrical hiatus not making any new joint what so ever and ever time I go to the studio he backs out with an excuse. Excuses like “Son, you didn’t tell me it was on that day. I got something to do” or “Aw man I wish you would had told me sooner, I can’t make it”, which I always tell him at least a week in advise. One of his favorite lines is “Why you going to the studio at 3-5pm? Why can’t we go around 1pm?”, because he’s booked completely around that time. You not the only guy with a 1pm fetish lol.

Getting to the point, I finally got my much needed verses from him last night. I supposed to put some pics up of the process but my camera is attached to my phone and I need my phone write down my lyric, plus I’m lazy so I didn’t bother taking time out for a snap shot. All in all the session went as well as planned, I forced the rhymes out of him and great music came out. But he did however fall asleep around 4am….or something like that. I didn’t have my charger and I never looked at the time (who needs to?.

Except to hear some songs from me & All City soon, maybe by the end of the week.

Check my boy ‘City’ out on Twitter.

>UPDATE!!! "Gimme the green light, gimme just one night. I’m ready to go right now."

>Okay so quick update on what going on, since I haven’t been on for so long. (Like 2-3 weeks maybe? It feels that way.)

I GOT THE GREEN LIGHT!!! Starting after my B-Day, the making of the album begins. It’s finally set and I’m more than hype. I’ve been waiting for a good minute and it’s gonna happen, of course I’m not on some big label and It won’t be promoted to the masses but the fact that it’s going down is enough. I’m gonna keep everyone updated on that as time goes by.

Don’t worry the mixtape, The promise, is still in the works and most likely be put out awhile before the album. IT’S ON!!!

>Beat Of My Drum REMIX!!! "Your dreams in now fulfilled!"

>So like I said before, I was gonna do a remix to Unique’s song ‘Beat Of My Drum’. Well here it is for your enjoyment. Be sure to call your local radio station for the song.

Support the dream!

Here the link to the uncomplete version of the remix. Final version soon.


A Video of the song is on Youtube also. Thanks 21 Gunner for that.

>T.I.’s & Lil’ Wayne’s kids might get a reality show? And I stil don’t have one?

>With T.I.’s girlfriend and Lil Wayne’s ex scoring their own reality TV shows, their daughters are following their mothers’s footsteps.

The two girls—Wayne’s 10-year-old daughter, Reginae Carter, and Zonnique Pullins, the 13-year-old daughter of T.I.’s girlfriend, Tiny—are looking to land a reality series as one-half of preteen-singing group, the OMG Girls.

According to the New York Post, the starlets in the making have linked with Ish Entertainment, which produced T.I.’s MTV series Road to Redemption, to pitch the show about their singing group.

The girls will joining Bahjah and Lourdes Rodriguez (11- and 10-years-old, respectively), both daughters of Silk singer Jonathen “John-John” Rasboro.

T.I.’s longtime girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and Weezy’s daughter’s mom Antonia “Toya” Carter, joined forces earlier this summer for their own show on BET, Tiny & Toya. –John Kennedy

I find this out on

>The girl that painted the town ‘RED’ with her music


So a lot of people tend to say that whole “Retro/Future” sound style of music is over but you wouldn’t think so after listening to this girl that’s going by the name of RED.

Hailing from Brooklyn (We Go HARD) Red is making some nioe songs worth a good listen. With song like Phobia, Subway and Do your dance (Stylin’ was my joint but it’s not there no more) is clear to see that the ladies of NY aren’t always about Sex, Drugs & Money. No to mention how she could just be a gem from BK

Why is her name RED? Shit if I know, maybe it’s for redbone are something lol.

You know how I am about Bios, if you wanna know you gotta go find out yourself.

Check her out on

Also on

Oh yeah…she’s got a blog too

I did a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ on one of her pics too. Check it out.

“Stay High & Stay Fly”

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