>The girl that painted the town ‘RED’ with her music


So a lot of people tend to say that whole “Retro/Future” sound style of music is over but you wouldn’t think so after listening to this girl that’s going by the name of RED.

Hailing from Brooklyn (We Go HARD) Red is making some nioe songs worth a good listen. With song like Phobia, Subway and Do your dance (Stylin’ was my joint but it’s not there no more) is clear to see that the ladies of NY aren’t always about Sex, Drugs & Money. No to mention how she could just be a gem from BK

Why is her name RED? Shit if I know, maybe it’s for redbone are something lol.

You know how I am about Bios, if you wanna know you gotta go find out yourself.

Check her out on Myspace.com


Also on YouTube.com


Oh yeah…she’s got a blog too


I did a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ on one of her pics too. Check it out.

“Stay High & Stay Fly”


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