>"Thank you City, it’s about time!!!"

>So you may or may not know but I do have people under my wing. One of which is my boy All City, a friend I knew for a hot minute that also raps along side as of late. Lately he has been on a…..lyrical hiatus? Yeah I’ll use that one lol. So he has been on a lyrical hiatus not making any new joint what so ever and ever time I go to the studio he backs out with an excuse. Excuses like “Son, you didn’t tell me it was on that day. I got something to do” or “Aw man I wish you would had told me sooner, I can’t make it”, which I always tell him at least a week in advise. One of his favorite lines is “Why you going to the studio at 3-5pm? Why can’t we go around 1pm?”, because he’s booked completely around that time. You not the only guy with a 1pm fetish lol.

Getting to the point, I finally got my much needed verses from him last night. I supposed to put some pics up of the process but my camera is attached to my phone and I need my phone write down my lyric, plus I’m lazy so I didn’t bother taking time out for a snap shot. All in all the session went as well as planned, I forced the rhymes out of him and great music came out. But he did however fall asleep around 4am….or something like that. I didn’t have my charger and I never looked at the time (who needs to?.

Except to hear some songs from me & All City soon, maybe by the end of the week.

Check my boy ‘City’ out on Twitter.



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