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DJ Khaled speaks sneakers with

From time to time I don’t like DJ Khaled’s songs, due to every main song is something about the hood but after chopping it up with him at Summer Jam 2010 I have a lot of respect for him… now to the point. DJ khaled talks with G-Roc of to talk about a few of the kicks in his collection. I’m jealous tho… he got them De La Sol’s lol

For No Reason: DJ Khaled Talks Sneakers with The Shoe Game from on Vimeo.


LL Cool JB? Justin Beiber makes perfume for the ladies.

So instead of making a cologne so guy can smell like you in hopes of getting your fan, Justin goes outside of the box and makes perfume for girl who are hoping and wishing to attraction him and get him out of Selena Gomez’s hands…. smart move JB…smart JB.

It’s so crazy…. it just make work.

JumpoffTV’s Friday Hip-Hop Report May 27, 2011

DJ Drama X Fabolous X Wiz Khalifa X Roscoe Dash – Oh My

JadaKiss X Emanny – Holding You Down

Jadakiss | “Hold You Down” feat. Emanny (Visualized by Aristotle) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Frank Ocean – Songs For Women

Freshbozz – I Hate Blackberry (Yonkers Parody)

I won’t front, Blackberry is this generation’s Sidekick. I’m trading mine in for an iPhon ASAP. Anyway, my boy Freshbozz came thru on Tyler the creator’s Yonkers beat and sum’d up how most blackberry owners feel now a days about thier BB’s.

Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight

Ghostbusters Firehouse CLOSING!!! NO!

The New York Daily News is reporting that they have the list – as created by City Hall – of 20 firehalls in the greater New York area that are slated for closing, after budget cuts were made.

City Hall is stressing that the list is only tentative, as some of the stations may remain open if more money is found, but that’s a bit of a big if, and even if they do find money, the chances aren’t great for any of the stations that they will be one of the 20 saved from closure.

We’ll have to stay tuned to see how this plays out, but at the moment it doesn’t look good for the world’s most famous firehall.

If you wanna Visit it before it closes.. go here

Hook & Ladder 8
14 N Moore St
(between Broadway & Hudson St)
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhood: TriBeCa

Wonder takes a Twix moment.

*sigh* “This is the life Pedro”

After a few delays and a few tweak I’ve recently been able to do a few tracks for Hello Summer but still may not be able to produce the mixtape by its original release date of June 21st, 2011. I’m just taking a breather for right now…. We’ll see.

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