It was bound to happen… E. Wonder on Tumblr.

Salutation everyone, I hope all’s been well with you. I haven’t posted a few days now and I’ve just busy trying to finish the HELLO SUMMER mixtape which unfortunately will not be released on its excepted date of June 21st… Sorry guys. It’s been pushed back by a couple of days.

Now let’s get to the business. As many you know Tumblr is the new and craziest blog site now a days which most of you know I’ve been contemplating about using and usually, not really, bad mouthing. Recently, after speaking to my boy All City and checking out everyone’s response about Tumblr, I’ve came to the verdict of launching a Tumblr page. So starting today there will be an ItsEWonder.Tumblr page in the roster of sites to get the latest info about what’s going on with me and my surroundings. Just another way for me to try coming to everyone. Be sure to check it out asap.

Don’t forget to check out the other website(s)





See you there. BCNU

Stay High Stay Fly


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