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A Word From E. Wonder

Not everyone will be proud of your success! Misery is real, and loves company! Stay humble & stay alert!


E. Wonder X Neef Fresh




For more pictures of the E. Wonder x Neef Fresh or to find out about each artist go to:

E. Wonder Facebook Page

Neef Fresh’s Facebook Page

New songs coming soon Johnny Juliano, Superstar O, Flawless and more.

I’ve been on a crazy hiatus making new songs and recording song for the album with All City. Unfortunately I haven’t posted any things new in a while but that will change soon. I have a few new joints coming out that will produced by up & coming heavy hitters like Johnny Juliano, Superstar O which whom I’ve worked with a few times and new producers like Flawless (Who produce for MMG/RocNation artist Wale) and much more.

Be on the look out for all new songs and make sure that you are well connected to my other sites so you won’t be left behind. (Facebook, MySpace, ReverbNation, Soundcloud and etc.)





All City x E. Wonder ‘Otis’

All City and E. Wonder come through with a new song just in time for #MusicMonday

Wonder takes a Twix moment.

*sigh* “This is the life Pedro”

After a few delays and a few tweak I’ve recently been able to do a few tracks for Hello Summer but still may not be able to produce the mixtape by its original release date of June 21st, 2011. I’m just taking a breather for right now…. We’ll see.

>Beautiful Chicks + Air Jordans = Soul Mates


Playmate Francesca Frigo plays double roles in this version of a Mars Blackmon classic as Playboy ranks top 23 Air Jordans ever. 5.31.11

>"Where I’ve been!?….NOWHERE!!!"

>”For years I’ve been working hard for light of the glory/To have my name honorably mention front page in today’s top story.”

I got nothing to say about where I’ve been in the past months. I’ve recorded song and I never uploaded them yet. Hopefully soon. My music will be out when it’s out, most of my fans know that….if you’re not one to know that already. I’ve been thinking of names for mixtapes, street album, concepte, blah, blah you know lol.

So I’ll be posting some new music today from Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa and some other to name a few. I’m gonna make it my business to post a new song at least every week. If you’ve been checking my Twitter and Myspace, Facebook coming soon, you’ll notice that I am in movement and making new music while keeping you entertained. I’m just hoping you stick with me on the journey. Thank You all.

>On we’re on to a new month

>It’s the 1st of the month people, you know it is. Time to see new things and finish off old things. The mixtape was on hold due to…..laziness, sorry. Songs are gettin done and I must say it’s gettin good. I hope I can sneak some songs on the page real soon for you to listen to and download. Till next time, BCNU.

“Stay High. Stay Fly.”


>Happy B Bay to me, it was on the 21st. I didn’t do much due to the fact that it landed on a Monday but my friends and I went to praint to train red during the weekend. Fun time….fun times Sorry but no pics and no video until I learn how to uplaod them off my Blackberry.

>New Month, New Bull ish.

>Happy 1st of the month people!

I hope everyone’s month is starting off well. Mine hasn’t since the beginning of the day, since 12am to be exact. I was gonna post up a video but my BB Storm(Black Berry Storm)deleted it by accident but anyway. My laptop deleted everything and resetted itself too, meaning NO SONGS!!! So all my beats and remixes that I was gonna post are gone and have to be put back on. It’s nothing big but I just wanna tell y’all why you won’t get any new songs by me for awhile.

Lastnight I also went over to All City’s crib to do some new songs and have him remix some songs with me. Due to the fact that the laptop deleted the tracks we (he) kinda couldn’t get things done. Maybe we’ll get it all together by the end of the week.

That’s it for now.

“Stay High. Stay Fly.”

Oh yeah, what would the 1st of the month be without hearing and/or seeing this song.

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