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XXL’s Freshman of 2012… thoughts.

Just seen the XXL’s Freshman cover… No words.

I’m behind Iggy & Hopsin but French Montana & Roscoe Dash, how are they freshman? They’ve been around for years, Dash has 2 album doesn’t he?

As much as XXL’s choice of freshman upset me, not really, I won’t knock. Everyone bust ass to get there and I’m happy for them. I just wish XXL made a better choice and that the one that were choose didn’t decline, ASAP, but… HEY!

Let’s be real, the list is made up of people that have a buzz and potential… not to people that have made it and certified a place in Hip-Hop of not Music in general.

It is what it is. A promo opp.



E. Wonder X Neef Fresh




For more pictures of the E. Wonder x Neef Fresh or to find out about each artist go to:

E. Wonder Facebook Page

Neef Fresh’s Facebook Page

You Know You Ain’t Right! Drake’s new hustle?

You Know You Ain’t Right.


New songs coming soon Johnny Juliano, Superstar O, Flawless and more.

I’ve been on a crazy hiatus making new songs and recording song for the album with All City. Unfortunately I haven’t posted any things new in a while but that will change soon. I have a few new joints coming out that will produced by up & coming heavy hitters like Johnny Juliano, Superstar O which whom I’ve worked with a few times and new producers like Flawless (Who produce for MMG/RocNation artist Wale) and much more.

Be on the look out for all new songs and make sure that you are well connected to my other sites so you won’t be left behind. (Facebook, MySpace, ReverbNation, Soundcloud and etc.)





E. Wonder in need of a female Hip-Hop artist.

Yeah I want you or a female Hip-Hop artist that you know of to get on a few songs with All City & I for our upcoming album.

The female artist(s) chosen will be featured on the album and may able to appear in future shows, performances, music video(s), photo shoot(s) and interview(s)* Must live in the NYC area.

*If song is chosen to become a single or upon buzz-worthy acclaim.

If you think you’re ready send your Picture, MP3s and/or website(s). I will review every one and you will hear a response by the next day. This is a good chance for exposure so don’t miss out.

Email me @

I’ll be waiting to do a song or two with you.

How To: Make Money With Your Music At School

Just a few moments ago, a friend/producer of mine named Lyr1kz hit me up with a piece of info that i’d like to share with you from hit site’s blog. This is what he said and what was written.

“So your in college, high school or grammar school and you make music. It would be cool if everyone in your class knew you did music and supported you right? Even better, what if the whole school supported you? Now, not everyone is going to like your music but because you are in their school and are making moves, most likely you are going to get supporters from people who probably don’t even like your type of music, if you cover what I’m about to talk about here. First off, It all depends what kind of person you are, really. If your an entertainer then entertain, if your too shy to do that then just be a good person to everyone, that is usually the best route.

So how can you promote your music in your school? How can you get everyone with your songs in their iPods? Well it pretty simple, give it to them! You do not want to sell your music to your classmates, you want to give your music to your classmates, let them become fans, let them start talking about your music with their other friends. Let the word spread about your music all over the school. The fastest and easiest way to do that is by giving everybody a free copy of your CD.

If you don’t have an album done, then wait till everything is set. Wait till you have a cool album cover and when all the songs are mixed and mastered, that way you can give everyone your best and that way they can really start talking about you. If your not thinking about releasing an album anytime soon or you just don’t have the money to do it right now then you can just give out a few of your songs on CD for free. Make about 300 CDs with a few songs on them and give them out to your friends and other people in your school that you think might like your music.

Here is the key and this is very important. Whenever you give out a CD you have to put your info on the actual CD. Put your facebook, twitter or website link. But better yet, if you have a website with a mailing list sign up form that would be 10 times better! If you have a and a link to your facebook, that will make you look more professional and people will respect you a little more then if you just only put your social network links.

Why should you have a website with a mailing list sign up form? Because if you put your website link on the CD and people like your music, they will sign up to your mailing list. Then you will have their email and you can contact them whenever your next project is coming out.

So imagine if you had 300 people from your school on your mailing list. You just recorded a new song. You sent everyone on your mailing list the new song to download for free. You go to school the next day and everybody is talking about how great your new song is! That’s powerful marketing.

Or lets say you sell your new album to everyone on your mailing list for $5 each as a mp3 download. Lets say everyone bought the album, that would mean you made $1,500 from your classmates! Or what if you sold singles as mp3s for $1.99? If 300 people in your mailing list bought one song for $1.99 then you get $600 off of one song! Who knew you can get paid from the students in your school to do what you love!?

So as you may see, promoting in your school is a great way to gain fans, get some fame and make money. If your in school right now you have such a great opportunity! Just make sure your giving your classmates great music, mixed and mastered and have a website link that will get them to sign up to your mailing list. Imagine making $600 a month selling one song. Hey, you can get your own studio apartment and move out moms house with that money. Well, unless your living in new york city or california.

But remember, as a I mentioned first, your main job is to make sure you give people a good impression of you when then see you at school. Be a good person to everyone. Be the type of person that makes it hard for people to hate on you because your good to everyone. If you know anyone that seems like they don’t like you, try to help them out in someway, be creative. You don’t have to have haters! There may be a few people who don’t like your music but they are not haters they are just not in your market. Promote your music with a positive mindset and don’t be afraid of what people are going to think. You only live once, do whatever you can to succeed!”

To your success,


Freshbozz – I Hate Blackberry (Yonkers Parody)

I won’t front, Blackberry is this generation’s Sidekick. I’m trading mine in for an iPhon ASAP. Anyway, my boy Freshbozz came thru on Tyler the creator’s Yonkers beat and sum’d up how most blackberry owners feel now a days about thier BB’s.

>The Wackest Rapper Show

>Throughout time we face a shameful character in the music industry. This being one of them.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is The Wackest Rapper show.

Base on ideas and what most people think of a wack MC, or rapper if you will, and how it’s hurting music today I created a story about it. A spoof of how we see certain rappers as they try to make it in the industry with every gimmick known to man.

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